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You're Invited To Holly Lisle's Cool Project: Readers Meet Writers

I’ve been watching Holly Lisle transition from a conventionally published mid-list science fiction and fantasy writer to a sustainably independent self-publisher over the past several years. All along, she’s also been running an impressive collection of online writing courses. I’ve sampled a couple of her short ones, enough to wish the big courses for beginners had been around when I was a beginner. She’s a cool human being, she knows her stuff, and she’s generous with what she knows. She also has a knack for building communities.

So when she announced that she was looking for founding members to help her brainstorm for a new community, Readers Meet Writers, that would help ardent readers and new writers find each other, I knew she would come up with something that would really work and be fun and be win-win for everybody. The brainstorming stage began right before I got my concussion, so you won’t see a lot of my fingerprints on it, but I’m excited about contributing now that the project is moving out of brainstorming and into beta.

You’re invited. Here’s a link that’s an invitation specifically from me. If you’re a writer hoping to earn the regard of some True Fans or a reader looking for the Next Big Thing, you can help shape Readers Meet Writers into what you’re looking for.
Source: Dr Pretentious

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