Contemporary and epic fantasy with unforgettable characters, complicated families, and music in the sentences.

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The inaugural freebie to celebrate the launch of my new website and newsletter is a beautifully designed ebook edition of my short story “And the Ones Who Walk In,” which first appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies in 2020. (Full disclosure: you can still find the full text on the magazine’s site as a free read.) For this edition, Design for Writers gave the story the same interior and cover treatment that they’ve done for the rest of my short fiction backlist. For at least three years from website launch day, the only way to get this story in this form is to subscribe to my newsletter.

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And the Ones Who Walk In

The girl who has never known hunger turns her back on the blessed city whose abundance depends on the absolute suffering of one child. On the road out, heading into an unblessed world filled with peril, she meets a mother whose only hope for safety is the city the girl is leaving behind. They protect each other from bandits and other dangers through one night of storytelling.

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