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What A Month That Was

Hello, Internet. I missed you guys. I had a family emergency to deal with. The center of it isn’t my story to tell, so I’ll just say it took up all my time and attention, and ended with everyone safe and well at home.

I seem to remember that, back in April, it felt very important to write some kind of post about the Hugo controversy. Doesn’t look terribly important after this month. I had a draft blog post that went on and on, but which now has been swallowed by livejournal. And that may be for the best.

Meanwhile, Operation Happy Puppy continues quietly in the background. I’m making lists of things that need to be set in order for a pre-pet-adoption home visit. Many times while I tended my share of the family emergency, I ratcheted my stress level back down by trawling the web for puppy photos. So many happy puppies. I highly recommend this strategy. For pure novelty, I favor the Lagotto Romagnolo, a rare dog breed that specializes in hunting by scent for wild mushrooms. I could watch those little guys dig for truffles all day. In fact, there was a day this past month when that was basically all I could do.

Now something different will happen, about which I am a very happy primate.

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