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The New Website Is Going to Knock Your Socks Off

The folks at Design for Writers have been building me a new website from scratch to replace my old WordPress site. We’ve been working on it since the start of October, off and on.

It’s a running joke in my life that I have a brown thumb for design. People who have been massively encouraging about my other endeavors mostly want to protect me from my folly in this area. The year I had to read tarot for strangers to make the rent, I posted fliers so homely, one friend said, “You could have drawn a circle around the text in pencil and improved it.” The first set of business cards I designed for myself elicited groans of dismay from all my grad school friends. My boring design created an illusion of boringness about me, and they got me to promise never to do my own graphic design again.

Thanks to the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, and the Kickstarter backers for The Imlen Brat, I’ve been able to hire out for almost everything since then.

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