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That There’s a Three-Katana Garbage Truck, I’ll Have You Know.

For my first-ever patrons-only post, here’s the story of how my current work in progress came to me.

At a red light on Veirs Mill Road, I turned to glance at the garbage truck in the next lane, and had to take the photo above. I could figure out what the crew might do with the snow shovel, and with that beat-up hatchet, but the samurai swords? In other, blurrier photos, you can see there are three of them. Two are definitely katana-length. The third might be a shorter wakizashi.

Now, we all know how they really got there: somebody put some cheap costume weapons on the curb on trash day, and a trash collector decided they were too cool to go to the landfill yet.

But was that the coolest way they could have gotten there?

Their destiny was either to be joke ornaments among the truck’s externally mounted gear or to go to one of the trash collectors’ dwellings until some cooler curb treasure displaced them.

But was that the coolest thing those swords could do next?

So, because I’m a fantasy writer all the time, even when I’m driving, I started imagining cooler things that might happen with those blades.

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