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A Migrant in the Great Twitter Exodus

Twitter was the publishing industry’s public water cooler, the place where readers expected their favorite writers to announce new book releases, the hub of the internet’s writing community. Yes, TikTok is where book reviewers cheerlead, sometimes literally, for titles they’re excited about, but TikTok is not designed for conversation — that’s not one of the strengths people go there for. Self-publishing authors, especially in romance, do a lot of advertising on Facebook, but literary agents and acquiring editors are mostly not on FB, and when they are, they’re mostly not explaining to the public how their niches in the publishing ecosystem work. So, despite all the bad things about Twitter, including the waves of targeted harassment right-wingers engaged in that drove so many people of color and other marginalized people away, the loss of Twitter is a real problem. The question nobody can answer yet is, where will all those internconnected readers, writers, and publishing people go now?

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