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Mythopoeia With A Twist Of Lyme

I’m definitely going to Mythcon, which means I need to learn how to write an award acceptance speech, just in case I win this thing. The odds that I’ll need to use the speech are not overwhelmingly high, which makes me a little less nervous about writing badly in an unfamiliar form. I did more research, and it turns out one of the finalists whose name I didn’t recognize is the person who wrote Chocolat. Could my presence on the shortlist possibly be any more anomalous? On the other hand, as far as I can figure out the Mythopoeic Society’s rules, the award is juried, rather than voted on by the society’s membership or the conference’s attendees. If I’m right about that, I can at least be sure that the people voting will have read my book.

Meanwhile, I’m the lead story on today’s Wild Hunt.

It’s hard to explain the importance of that site in the Pagan community. I considered whether to liken it to the Daily Beast, and then I got stuck on imagining the Wild Hunt tracking and capturing the Daily Beast, and I still haven’t quite made it back from being easily amused.

Even meanerwhile (because it should be linguistically possible to have two concurrent situations in the background while a third is in the foreground), the Lyme is definitely somewhat abated. Taking an antibiotic that makes you photosensitive is especially irksome in the week of the summer solstice, just when your kids are out of school, craving outdoor time and joining the swim team. No sunblock is enough. But offered a choice between the burns and the combination of crushing fatigue and brain fog I had before the Lyme test, I’d take the burns any day. I seem to have full use of my brain back, and I have enough energy now that I no longer lie glassy-eyed in the living room while the television parents my children. Until I started getting better, I had no idea how sick I was.

There’s even enough energy now that I’ve picked up a couple of new students, ones who want to make the most of the summer by meeting twice or three times a week. I haven’t had a tutoring schedule this full since we moved out of New Jersey. It turns out I’ve really missed explaining the five dimensions of the English verb to teenage boys. Have I mentioned that I’m anomalous?

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