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If You Don't Remember How You Might Have Broken Your Aching Ribs

Here’s something I wish I’d known a few weeks earlier: When my late brother-in-law Zach got diagnosed with his cancer, he felt like he had some broken ribs — it hurt to breathe in a particular area — but he didn’t remember an incident that might have broken them. Turned out cancer that had started in his bile duct was moving in on his liver.

And now the friend who had trouble breathing, but had been assured that he had broken ribs, has a dire diagnosis.

So, my dears, if you ever feel like your ribs are broken but don’t remember a specific way you could have gotten injured, go to your doctor immediately just in case.

Fuck Cancer. It’s time to break out all my old FC gear again.

You know what else it’s time to break out?

I’m bringing back the fucking Grail. (I just noticed the Grail is now available as a podcast. I’d planned some kind of cheery post to announce that when it finally happened. This bit of news is disappearing into the Infinite Perspective Vortex of this morning’s.)

Pardon me while I portage my fictional kayak to the big river of story. Let’s make it a tandem kayak this time. I have a Grail Knight to fetch.

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