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Grail Story To Share A Table Of Contents With Jane Yolen

“Jane Yolen? Jane Yolen!” said Dan as we looked over the table of contents for the Interfictions fundraiser chapbook. “Okay, now I believe it’s really going to happen for you. If you’re in that list of names, you’re on the way to an actual career.”

I was still spluttering with delight seeing Michael Swanwick down at the bottom of the list and hadn’t quite absorbed the fact of Jane Yolen. Really, every name in the TOC is a wonder, and I’m stunned to be in that company.

So, the Grail story I wrote as an episodic prayer on my blog back in 2006 when my friend George was in his last days is going to reach a new audience, do a new job. I still plan to self-pub it in paper as a fundraising project for George’s scholarship fund, but that’s taking longer than expected. Meanwhile, it’s going to work with a lot of other people’s stories to help the Interstitial Arts Foundation publish its magazine Interfictions Online.

Here’s the hitch: I only just found out they’d accepted my story, and the crowdfunding campaign is already closed. So unless you happened to donate already and selected the chapbook as your perk, it’s too late to get a copy. The acceptance email didn’t reach me. If there hadn’t been a major formatting issue they needed to ask me about, they might have gone on assuming I knew I was in, and I might have gone on assuming my story had been turned down. Hooray for formatting glitches!

I do wish, though, that I had known in time for, say, my parents to get a copy of the e-chapbook. For that matter, I wish I’d known in time for me to help promote the foundation’s fundraiser. They overshot their goal as it was — yay! — but my various friends, relations, and stray readers might have helped them overshoot it by a little more. Ah, well. We take our good news where we can get it. And this is good news by any measure.
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