The feedback I got on the Kickstarter draft was immensely helpful. Also daunting. I’m curious to see how I’m going to have all my ducks in a row by the 20th.

As predicted, I do not have a knack for video editing. I figured I’d have to cut down what I had by about half, and at worst I’d have to reshoot it from scratch. That involves wearing makeup. Really, isn’t five days a year of wearing makeup more than enough for anybody?

Only it turns out that, in addition to wearing makeup again to shoot it from scratch, I need to learn to use an entirely different video editing application because what really makes this campaign is not my smiling face, but rather Kate Baylay’s amazing art.

With good reason, Kate’s art is the biggest item in the budget, and it’s my fervent hope that we can make her slice of the budget even bigger so we can commission more illustrations. So of course me being charming at my cellphone camera will not do. Including one illustration on the Kickstarter page and telling prospective backers to go look at the artist’s website is no way to go about it. And I knew that.

What I didn’t know was the name of the right video editing application for the job or that I could get it for free for 30 days (Thank you, Jen!). And I need to tinker quite a bit with the rewards structure (Thanks, Sarah and Jen!). It might not have occurred to me to make the project description more user friendly by adding headings, but once the possibility came up, it seemed obviously necessary (Thanks, Ian!).

So, back to work.


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