Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions on my blog about what to add to this website. WordPress is new for me, so I’ll get to learn a lot while I’m making these things happen.

Here’s my current short list of things to start with:

  • Excerpts, freebies, and scenes from the cutting room floor
  • Maps of my fantasy settings, starting with…New Jersey?
  • Character profiles and interviews
  • Contact info
So, what else should be on that list? What did you come to this website looking for? Did you find it?
I’ve been wanting to add Capclave to my convention rounds for some years. Now, with the Drollerie Press projects needing new homes, I will definitely be there. Here’s hoping my Vortex of Schmooze superpowers manifest.

The two Rugosa Coven novellas are all mine again, now that Drollerie Press is dissolving. The anthology I’ve been coediting with David Sklar is all ready to go to press for the first time as soon as it has a new publisher. So here I am, starting fresh at the website Deena Fisher, founder of Drollerie, made for me. I never quite figured out how to use it while she was still well enough to field questions, but oh, she did a lovely job on the design. It seems important to thank her again, now that I’m finally learning what to do with this gift of her time.

So welcome, visitor. I’m almost as new here as you are. What are the things you most like to see when you go to an author’s website?